Route 34 Reconstruction

Route 34 exists as a primary artery through much of the lower valley and operates as key connection between the downtowns of Shelton and Derby. Route 34 further exists as the 'Main Street' for Derby. This has been  a major design consideration  with regard to the rehabilitation of the roadway. The reconstruction project of Route 34 from the  Bridge Street to the Route 8 interchange was initiated to combat congestion along this stretch of road.  Secondary to this is the understanding that as the City's 'Main Street' the design team  needs to remain cognizant of the needs to facilitate and encourage a roadway that creates a vibrant, walkable and visually pleasing mixed use place.

Status of Project:  The Design of the project is well underway and plans are expected to be completed by December of 2018 with construction scheduled to start in the late spring or early summer of 2019. 

Designer: Luchs Consulting Engineers, LLC/DeCarlo& Doll Inc. The project is being managed by NVCOG under the supervision of the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Summary of Project: Main Street in Derby will be reconstructed between Bridge Street and Route 8. The project includes widening to create two through lanes in each direction separated by a center median, with dedicated turning lanes at intersections, improvements to traffic signals including the interconnect of the signals to improve traffic flow, improvements to parking including on-street parallel parking on both the north and south sides of Main Street and a separate parking lot on the south side of Main Street across from the Derby Senior Center with roughly 30 to 35 parking spaces,  an upgraded storm drainage system, new sidewalks with bump-outs at intersections, lighting and other streetscape features such as trees, granite curbing and textured concrete areas. Improvements will  be made to Elizabeth Street, Minerva Street, Water Street and Factory Street. Elizabeth, Minerva and Thirds Streets will be converted to one-way circulation, sanitary sewer improvements  will also be incorporated into the project.

Route 34 Preliminary Design Rendering

Semi-Final Plan 2016 - this plan depicts the cycle track along the south side of Main Street, since the time this drawing was created changes were made based on input from the public which remove the cycle track and create on-street parking along the south side of Main Street.  

Aerial Visualization - this visualization also includes the cycle track which has now been removed from the project resulting from public input. Parking along the south side of Main Street will be added.


 Derby Route 34 Segment 1 Plan
 Derby Route 34 Segment 2 Plan

Report of Public Information Meeting for Route 34 Reconstruction - May 22, 2017

Report of Public Input Meeting - April 6, 2010


City of Derby Board of Alderman Resolution - February 8, 2018 Meeting