GIS Map LayersNVCOG provides mapping services to its member municipalities and in support of its regional planning responsibilities. Geographic Information System (GIS) software is used to develop maps and undertake spatial analysis. A wealth of geographic information about our region is stored in distinct map layers. City facilities and school locations are stored as points. Roads, trails, and rivers are stored as lines. Parcels, zoning districts, and open space areas are stored as polygons. GIS allows the integration of all these data layers to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. The layers of information you combine on a map depends on your purpose.

NVCOG has worked extensively with local open space commissions and land trusts to map potential and existing lands for preservation.  We provide mapping for greenway projects such as the Naugatuck River Greenway and the Marc J. Taylor, M.D. Greenway.  We map traffic congestion, census data, zoning boundaries, and anything tied to a location on the earth's surface by a street address, a depiction on a map, GPS coordinates, or through some similar technique.

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Please contact us if you would like to discuss a project; we would love to hear from you! Glenda Prentiss, GIS Coordinator,