GIS Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integrates spatial data (maps) and tabular data (informational databases) through computer technology.  Every feature in a GIS map is linked to a record in a table that contains details about that feature. Using GIS tools, we can display this geographic data and perform spatial analysis. These "intelligent maps" provide information such as where people live and work, where growth and development occur, locations of utilities and public facilities and much more.


NVCOG produces maps and conducts geographic analysis to support a wide variety of projects. Most publications produced by the NVCOG include GIS maps and GIS plays a crucial role in almost all NVCOG programs. We provide GIS services on projects that involve transportation, land use and natural resources planning, emergency planning, and community and economic development. NVCOG maintains a comprehensive database of local and regional GIS data to support these efforts.
Interactive maps are available for viewing on our Maps page.

For any questions about our GIS services, data, prices or general GIS information, please contact Glenda Prentiss, GIS Coordinator,