Funding Opportunities

Apply for Remediation or Assessment Funding through NVCOG*

NVCOG Brownfields Funding Pre-Application (pdf)

*Remediation funding available to municipalities, non-profits, and private parties that can demonstrate their project will benefit the public. EPA Assessment funding available only to Regional Brownfields Partnership member municipalities.

Programs made possible by:

EPA Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) RLF program allows NVCOG to issue grants and loans to municipalities, economic development agencies, non-profits, and developers. These funds can be used for cleanup activities on eligible sites. 

NVCOG was awarded $500,000 in supplemental RLF Funding FY2018. Funding is available.

EPA Assessment Grants

There are two types of EPA assessment grants: petroleum and hazardous. Depending on environmental conditions and history, a site may qualify for petroleum grants, hazardous grants, or both. This funding can be used to develop environmental information for a site in order to better understand existing conditions. This data gives us valuable information about the site and informs potential cleanup strategies. 

NVCOG was awarded a highly competitive $400,000 assessment grant FY2016. Limited funding is available.

Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) Office of Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment Municipal Grant Program

DECD grants provide funding for a range of cleanup activities and associated costs, including but not limited to abatement, assessment, demolition, and remediation. 

CT DECD requests grant applications as funding is secured. Most recently, Round 12 was announced September 26, 2018. At the request of an RBP member town, NVCOG is able to write, assist, and oversee DECD municipal grants. There is no funding available through the DECD Munipal Grant Program at this time.

Connecticut Housatonic Natural Resource Trustee Council

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service awarded NVCOG $325,000 on behalf of the Connecticut Housatonic Natural Resource Trustee Council to construct a fishing pier at O'Sullivan's Island. Read more: Active Projects.


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