Water Quality

Surface and ground water quality are vital to the health and well being of the region's residents.   We work to ensure that quality water sources are preserved for future generations, and that degraded water bodies are restored. NVCOG staff work with land trusts, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), and municipalities to maintain and improve these resources for the health and safety of its residents. Guidelines are developed in the Regional Plan for water disposal through zoning guidelines. Local land use commissioners are provided with education on minimizing impervious surfaces, developing interconnections for water supplies, maintenance of septic systems, and other related topics.

MS4 Compliance

A new General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater from Small Municipal Seperate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) was issued by DEEP on January 20th, 2016. This new permit represents a dramatic increase in municipal responsibilities over the previous MS4 general permit related to the control of stormwater pollution. NVCOG is committed to assisting member municipalities in complying with this new permit, and to finding regional solutions to compliance issues.  Please see our MS4 Page for more information.

Best Practices

COG is a resource to inform local officials of the most up-to-date methods of doing local government business through timely memoranda, regional conferences, and meetings with local staff. These tools, among others, enable municipal commissioners and staff to understand how requirements and techniques are changing and how it affects their community.

Open Space

The agency assists municipalities and land trusts with the acquisition of farmland, declassified reservoirs and other open space parcels. Staff provides technical assistance in developing grant applications, participates in environmental reviews, and connects applicants with successful projects for further guidance. Our GIS staff provides mapping for both the applications and any required public meetings.

CT Environmental Review Team

The agency participates in the CT Environmental Review Team (ERT) process. At no cost, a municipality may seek the assistance of the team to analyze the resources and issues with a property. A town may request assistance for projects such as the acquisition of open space or an unusual subdivision or development proposal. The team leader will arrange for appropriate personnel to tour the property and a report will be generated highlighting environmental assets and the potential liabilities of the property. Recommendations are not made. The municipality is the final decision maker.

Dam Safety

The NVCOG maintains a listing of engineering firms that responded to a request for qualification statements for dam safety related engineering services. The listing is intended to assist dam owners in finding a qualified engineering firm to provide services required by the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's Dam Safety Program.  For more information, and to view the listing of engineering firms, please visit our Dam Safety Page.