Derby-Shelton Bridge Enhancements

The Derby-Shelton Bridge carries Bridge Street (State Road 712) over the Housatonic River between Downtown Shelton and Downtown Derby. The bridge further represents the primary crossing of the Housatonic River within the Naugatuck Valley Region and stands as a critical element of the regional infrastructure.

The intent of the renovation-enhancement project is to create an aesthetically pleasing public space along the Derby-Shelton Bridge and provide an attractive gateway to the downtown areas of Derby and Shelton. It is being designed by AECOM under contract to the NVCOG. Construction will be advertised and administrated by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT).  This project will improve the bridges' cosmetic appearance, by providing a beautiful link to the downtown areas of Derby and Shelton. The proposed changes to the bridge will improve traffic flow as well as fortify pedestrian and cycling opportunities through the widening of sidewalks and the inclusion of a two-way bike lane. These features will enhance connections to both downtowns' appearances and functionality in conjunction with the planned Rt. 34 renovations.

The project will include:

•The replacement of bridge parapet walls; The proposed new parapet will be a concrete wall similar to what is there today and will include a short, decorative railing that will mimic the pattern of the railing at Veterans Memorial Park in Shelton; The railing treatment and its placement along the parapet will provide safety, as well as aesthetically attractive sightlines. 

•The removal of existing lighting and replacement with period style lights that both enhance the presence of the bridge at night and comply with dark sky guidelines; Additional lighting will be installed within the pedestrian plaza area if needed to properly light the entire area. The new lighting will be designed to match the new lighting that will be installed with the Route 34 (Main Street) Reconstruction Project.

Various roadway improvements including the replacement of the bituminous pavement surface and the underlying concrete deck.  The shoulders, which are very wide today, will be narrowed to accommodate a larger pedestrian space on the south side and also a bi-directional cycle-track to separate bicyclists from both vehicular traffic and pedestrians

The project will also offer connectivity with the existing Housatonic Riverwalk trail network in Shelton and the Derby Greenway/Naugatuck River Greenway in Derby. The project limits will extend from the Bridge Street intersection with Main Street in Derby to the west end of the Derby-Shelton Bridge and includes the connections to Canal Street. 

It is currently expected that the design will be completed in early 2019, with construction following in the summer.  While travel lanes may be narrowed, there will be no reduction in roadway capacity. 

A public information meeting on the project was held in Shelton City Hall on April 18, 2018.

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04/18/2018 Powerpoint presentation

 Report of April 18, 2018 Meeting

Project location and funding

 Derby-Shelton Bridge Rehabilitation Perspective

Derby-Shelton Bridge Profile Preliminary