Route 67 Preliminary Engineering Study

The scope of these spot improvements are limited to the intersection of Rt. 67/Franklin St, to just west of the Rts' intersection with Swan Ave, a segment of around 2/3 of a mile. The study, and the subsequent recommended improvements are designed to address heavy congestion and safety concerns through this corridor. An updated preliminary engineering study was conducted by design consultants Milone & MacBroom, Inc. and completed in March of 2016. Accident history, traffic volumes and level of service at both signalized and unsignalized intersections were among the items studied. Pedestrian patterns were also reviewed. The report offers design alternatives and preliminary cost estimates to improve traffic and safety along the corridor while considering the impacts to and the needs of the adjacent residences and businesses, future redevelopment, and other interested or affected stakeholders.

 Project Details and Funding

 Route 67 Preliminary Engineering Study Report
     Traffic Simulations - Future Without Improvements (MP4)
     Traffic Simulations - Future With Improvements (MP4)